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British Rail Class 506

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British Rail Class 506
In service1954-1984
ManufacturerLMS Derby
Formation3 car per trainset
Operator(s)British Rail
Width9ft 3in
Height12ft 8 1/4in
Maximum speed75mph 121km/k
WeightTotal - 104 tons 9cwt
Electric system(s)1,500V dc overhead

The British Rail Class 506 was a 3 carriage electric multiple unit (EMU) built for local services between Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield on the Woodhead Line. The 8 units were introduced in 1954. They had air-operated sliding doors. The EMUs had a single diamond-shaped pantograph, mounted over the driver's cab and adjacent guard's compartment at the outer end of one of the driving carriages (unlike other British EMUs, where the pantograph is mounted over one of the middle carriages).