British Rail Class 308

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British Rail Class 308
Class 308 at Leeds station.
In service1961–2001
ManufacturerBR York
Refurbishment1981–1983, 1994
Number built45 trainsets
Formation4 cars (308/1 before 1994, 308/2)
3 cars (308/1 after 1994, 308/3)
Operator(s)British Rail
Maximum speed75 mph (121 km/h)
Electric system(s)25 kV AC Overhead
Track gaugeStandard gauge (1,435 mm)

The British Rail (BR) Class 308 alternating current (AC) electric multiple units (EMU) were built by BR at York, in three batches, from 1961–62. They were initially classified as AM8 units before the introduction of TOPS.