British Rail Class 373

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British Rail Class 373 "Eurostar"
Rame Eurostar en Savoie.JPG
3218 leaving Chambéry (Savoie, France)
In serviceBuilt 1992-1996 In service 1993 - Present
Family nameTGV
Number built31 trainsets (Three Capitals)
7 trainsets (North of London)
Formation20 cars (Three Capitals)
16 cars (North of London)
Capacity750 seats (Three Capitals)
558 seats (North of London)
Car body constructionSteel
Car length18.7 m
Width2.81 m
Maximum speed334.7 km/h (Record)
300 km/h (Service)
Weight752 t (Three Capitals, empty)
815 t (Three Capitals, loaded)
665 t (North of London)
Power output12.2 MW (25 kV)
5.7 MW (3000 V)
3.4 MW (675/750 V)
Electric system(s)25 kV AC
675/750 V DC
3000 V DC
1500 V DC
Track gaugeStandard gauge - 4 ft 8½ (1,435 mm)

The British Rail Class 373 or TGV-TMST train is an electric multiple unit that operates Eurostar's high-speed rail service between Britain, France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. Part of the TGV family, it has a smaller cross-section to fit within the constrictive British loading gauge, was originally able to operate on the UK third rail network, and has a lot of fireproofing in case of fire in the tunnel. This is both the second-longest—394 metres (1,293 ft)—and second-fastest train in regular UK passenger service.