British Rail Class 455

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British Rail Class 455
SWT Class 455 refurbished.jpg
Refurbished South West Trains 455713 at Wimbledon. Note the differing profile of the third carriage.
In service 1982-Current
Manufacturer BREL
Number built 137 trainsets
Formation 4 cars per trainset
Operator(s) South West Trains
Maximum speed 75 mph (121 km/h)
Weight DTSO - 29.5 tonnes
Braking system(s) Air (Westcode)
455842 at Beckenham Junction.
455706 at London Waterloo on 21st August 2007

The British Rail Class 455 is a type of electric multiple unit drawing power from a 750 V DC third rail. Built by BREL at York works in the early and mid-1980s, they were initially categorised as Class 510 as the successor to the Class 508. They are used on suburban services in South London, by South West Trains and Southern.