British Rail Class 404

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British Rail Class 404
Class 404 4Cor, no. 11179 from set 3131, at the National Railway Museum, York on 3rd June 2004.
In service1937-1972
ManufacturerSR Eastleigh Works
Number builtUnknown
Formationpower car + 2 trailer cars + power car
Operator(s)Southern Railway and British Railways
Maximum speed75mph 121km/h
WeightTotal - 158 tons 5cwt
Prime mover(s)4 x 225 hp traction motors
total 900 hp (671 kW)
Braking system(s)Air

The Southern Railway (SR) gave the designations 4Cor, 4Res, 4Buf and 4Gri to the different types of electric multiple unit built to work the route between London Waterloo and Portsmouth Harbour. The 4Cor type units survived long enough in British Rail ownership to be allocated TOPS Class 404. The Cor designation had previously been used for the 6Pul units and was reused by them during World War II when the Pullman car was stored, but this stock was different from the 4Cor units.