British Rail Class 302

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British Rail Class 302
LTS unit (class 302) 298 1964 Barking.jpg
Class 302 at Barking
In service1958 - 1999
ManufacturerBR Doncaster/York
Refurbishment1981 - 1982 (All)
1992 (4 mail conversions)
Number built112 trainsets
Formation4 Cars per Trainset
Capacity344 seats
Maximum speed75 mph (121 km/h)
Weight155 t
Electric system(s)25 kV AC Overhead Originally = 6.25/25 KV
Track gauge1,435 mm

The British Rail Class 302 (pre-TOPS AM2) was a type of electric multiple unit (EMU) introduced between 1958 - 1960 for outer suburban passenger services on the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway route. This class of multiple unit was constructed using the Mark 1 bodyshell and was slam door.