British Rail Class 444

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British Rail Class 444 "Desiro"
444026 at Waterloo
In service21 April 2004 – present
ManufacturerSiemens AG
Family nameDesiro
Number built45 units
Formation5 cars per trainset
Operator(s)South West Trains South Western Railway
Maximum speed100mph (161 km/h).
WeightTotal: 227 tonnes
Braking system(s)Air, regenerative
Class 444, no. 444023 at Clapham Junction on 30th October 2004. This unit is painted in South West Trains express livery.
Class 444, no. 444016 passing non-stop through Clapham Junction on 21st August 2004 with a service to London Waterloo.
444014, with Desiro family member 450040 at Waterloo on 21st August 2007.

The British Rail Class 444 (or 5Des) "Desiro" electrical multiple units were built by Siemens AG from 2002-04. Forty-five of these units were built for express services for South West Trains. The "Desiro" family also includes units of Classes 350, 360 and 450.