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British Rail Class 168

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British Rail Class 168 "Clubman"
A Chiltern Railways Class 168 "Clubman" unit 168005 at Kidderminster railway station. This unit is from the first batch.
In service1998 - present
Family nameTurbostar
RefurbishmentLate 2007
Number built19 trainsets
Formation3 or 4 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers168001 - 168005, 168106 - 168113, 168214 - 168219
Operator(s)Chiltern Railways
Line(s) servedChiltern Main Line, London to Aylesbury Line
Maximum speed100 mph
Prime mover(s)MTU 6R 183TD
Safety system(s)ATP AWS TPWS Tripcock system
Track gaugeStandard gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in)
A Class 168 diagram, in Chiltern Railways livery
Class 168/0 unit 168005 passing Willesden Green
Class 168/0 at Aylesbury
A Class 168 "Clubman", unit 168219, showing the later cab design next to a Class 165 unit, 165038 at Marylebone station

The Class 168 Clubman is a diesel multiple-unit (DMU) train used by Chiltern Railways for InterCity services between London and the Midlands. They were built in several batches from 1997 onwards. The first batch of units was classified 168/0 under TOPS and bore a large resemblance, both visually and in terms of electrical design, to the Class 165 units previously built by BREL at York. This is because they were based on plans originally drawn up by Network SouthEast and thus can be considered to be Networker Turbos. Subsequent builds, classified 168/1 and 168/2, were given the newer style cab and a new design of wiring and thus are part of the Turbostar family of trains.