Claudia Cardinale

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Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Cardinale Cannes 2010.jpg
Claudia Cardinale at Cannes in 2010
Born Claude Joséphine Rose Cardinale
(1938-04-15) 15 April 1938 (age 80)
Tunis, French Tunisia
Residence Rome, Italy
Paris, France
Occupation actress
Years active 1958–present
Spouse(s) Franco Cristaldi (1966–1975)
Partner(s) Pasquale Squitieri (1975–his death in February 2017)
Children Patrizio

Claudia Cardinale is an Italian actress. She was in some of the most famous European movies of the 1960s and 1970s. Most of Cardinale's movies have been Italian or French.

Cardinale has been honoured at nearly every major movie festival. She has been given lifetime achievement awards from festivals in Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Australia, the UK and US. The Los Angeles Times Magazine named Cardinale among the 50 most beautiful women in movie history.[1]

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