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Elmo is a famous character from the TV show Sesame Street. He is a red monster, and has his own part of the show called "Elmo's World". His age is always three and a half years old. He is very famous for his laugh. His best friend is a monster named Zoe.

Elmo was originally just a red muppet that was used as an extra. He was sometimes called "baby monster." However, in the early 1980s Kevin Clash was given the muppet and used a new voice for him. The muppet's name became Elmo. Mr. Clash was told that Elmo laughed too much, but then Tickle Me Elmo became a popular toy. Now Elmo laughs even more. Kevin Clash continues to perform Elmo. He makes Elmo's voice using falsetto. Elmo always talks in third person: for example, Elmo says "Elmo wants to play," rather than "I want to play."

Elmo has a pet fish named Dorothy. Elmo plays the toy piano and likes to ride his tricycle. Elmo is very popular with younger children.