Gonzo the Great

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The Muppets character
First appearanceThe Muppet Show (December 20, 1970)
Created byDave Goelz
Jerry Juhl
Jim Henson
Portrayed byDave Goelz (1976-present)
Voiced by
Developed byJim Henson
Jerry Juhl
Dave Goelz
Frank Oz
Full nameGonzo
Nickname(s)The Great Gonzo, Gonzo the Great
OccupationStunt performer, plumber, artist
Significant other(s)Camilla the Chicken

Gonzo is a Muppet character from The Muppet Show. He is also known as The Great Gonzo or Gonzo the Great. Gonzo enjoys doing stunt performances, even though they usually do not succeed.

Gonzo's species is unknown. In Muppets from Space, Gonzo was an alien. However, other Muppet movies and television shows say otherwise. Sometimes, he is referred to as a "whatever". People not knowing Gonzo's species is a running gag.

Gonzo was created by Jim Henson and Dave Goelz in 1970. Goelz portrays Gonzo, and has since his creation. At first, Gonzo appeared in the movie The Great Santa Claus Switch. Then, he appeared in The Muppet Show. He became a main character and has appeared in many Muppet movies, television shows, video games, and other Muppet media.