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Eurasian Union

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Eurasian Union
Евразийский Союз (Russian)
Political centresMoscow
Prospective members
• Eurasian Commissioners
Russia Viktor Khristenko a
• Original proposalb
• Establishment agreed
18 November 2011
• Eurasian Economic Space (active)
1 January 2012
• Eurasian Union (planned)
• Total
20,007,860 km2 (7,725,080 sq mi)
• 2013 estimate
• Density
8.36/km2 (21.7/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 to +12

The Eurasian Union (Russian: Евразийский Союз) is a project of political and economic union whose members are Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan[2][3][4] and could include other countries from Europe and Asia, such as, for example, countries that were once part of the USSR.

The idea was suggested in October 2011 by the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin,[4][5] but the idea was first proposed by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in a speech, in 1994, in Moscow.[6] On 18 November 2011, the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia signed an agreement in which they agreed to create the Eurasian Economic Union by 2015.[7] The agreement talked about the membership of candidate states and created the Eurasian Commission (which is based on the European Commission) and the Eurasian Economic Space, which both started work on 1 January 2012.[7][8]

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