Eurovision Song Contest 1974

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The Eurovision Song Contest 1974 was the 19th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was held on April 6, 1974. It was hosted in Brighton, United Kingdom. The UK agreed to host it because the previous winner, Luxembourg, could not host it for a second time in a row due to expense. The presenter was Katie Boyle. France did not participate this year while Greece made their debut.

The winner was decided by a vote amongst jurors. Each participating country sent in ten jurors who each cast a vote for their favourite song. The song with the most votes/points won.

Overview[change | change source]

Results of the Eurovision Song Contest 1974
R/O Country Artist Song Points Place
1 Finland Finland Carita "Keep Me Warm" 4 13th
2 United Kingdom United Kingdom Olivia Newton-John "Long Live Love" 14 4th
3 Spain Spain Peret "Canta y sé feliz" 10 9th
4 Norway Norway Anne-Karine and the Bendik Singers "The First Day of Love" 3 14th
5 Greece Greece Marinella "Krassi, thalassa ke t' agori mou" 7 11th
6 Israel Israel Poogy "Natati La Khaiai" 11 7th
7 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Korni Grupa "Generacija '42" 6 12th
8 Sweden Sweden ABBA "Waterloo" 24 1st
9 Luxembourg Luxembourg Ireen Sheer "Bye Bye I Love You" 14 4th
10 Monaco Monaco Romuald "Celui qui reste et celui qui s'en va" 14 4th
11 Belgium Belgium Jacques Hustin "Fleur de liberté" 10 9th
12 Netherlands Netherlands Mouth and MacNeal "I See a Star" 15 3rd
13 Republic of Ireland Ireland Tina Reynolds "Cross Your Heart" 11 7th
14 Germany Germany Cindy and Bert "Die Sommermelodie" 3 14th
15 Switzerland Switzerland Piera Martell "Mein Ruf nach dir" 3 14th
16 Portugal Portugal Paulo de Carvalho "E depois do adeus" 3 14th
17 Italy Italy Gigliola Cinquetti "Sì" 18 2nd