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Frey (sometimes written as Frey or Frej), in Norse mythology is a god of prosperity and fertility. His father is Njord, and his twin sister is Freyja. Frey is one of the most important Norse gods. He was the first god to lose in Ragnarok because he gave up his magical sword to marry a giantess. Surtr, the King of the fire giant, killed Frey and then burnt all the nine worlds with the same magical sword.

File:Frey art.jpg
Freyr and his sword.

When Frey snuck in and sat on Odin's throne (on which one can see anything, anywhere in the nine worlds), he saw Gerd, a very pretty giantess. He fell in love, and sent his servant to woo her for him, but Gerd did not agree until Frey 's servant threatened to use Frey's magical sword to damage her lands. Frey then gave his sword to his servant as a reward. The sword was said to be able to fight by itself.

Frey's realm is Alfheim. It is the land of the elves. He is the patron god of Sweden. Statues of Odin, Thor, Frey, Frigg, and Freyja are often found in ancient temples.