Móði and Magni

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Magni and Móði (Old Norse: "Strength" and "Bravery") are a pair of minor deities in Norse mythology. They are sons of the god Thor, said to be embodiments of their father's traits. While Magni is born to Thor by the jötunn Járnsaxa (a lover of Thor), the name of Móði's mother is unknown.

Other than his part after Ragnarök, little is known about Móði. Magni however, is featured prominently in the myth of Thor's battle with the giant Hrungnir.

Thor hit the giant Hrungnir in the head with his hammer, Mjölnir, shattering Hrungnir's skull. The giant fell then dead, his leg landing on Thor's neck, pinning the god to the ground. The other Æsir tried to lift the leg off of Thor, but were unsuccessful. Magni, who was only three days old at the time, then came to his father and lifted Hrungnir's leg off of Thor all by himself. As gratitude, Thor gifted his son the horse Gullfaxi (Old Norse: "Gold-Mane"), which Hrungnir previously owned. Odin himself was upset that Thor gave the horse to "the son of a giantess" and not to Odin, Thor's own father.