Günzburg (district)

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Coat of arms of Günzburg
Coat of arms
Bavaria gz.png
Country Germany
Adm. regionSwabia (Government Region)
 • Total763 km2 (295 sq mi)
 • Total121,600
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Vehicle registrationGZ
Websitelandkreis-guenzburg.de (German)

Günzburg is a rural district in Swabia in southwest Bavaria, Germany. Neighbor districts are: Dillingen (district), Augsburg (district), Unterallgäu, Neu-Ulm (district), and in Baden-Württemberg: Alb-Donau and Heidenheim (district);

Coat of arms and History[change | change source]

Coat of arms On the right there are the old arms of the margraviate of Burgau, a part of Austria which ruled large parts of the district from 1305 until 1806. On the left: The eagle is from the arms of the Schwabegg-Ursberg family. This family founded two monasteries in the district.

Geography / Nature[change | change source]

The nature is formed by some rivers, which flow from the south to the Danube, which runs in the north of the district: Biber (Danube), Günz, Kammel, Mindel and Zusam; The Nau flows from the north to the Danube. The hills between the rivers are covered with wood in parts. The eastern third of the district is part of the Augsburg Western Forests Nature Park.

Towns and municipalities[change | change source]

map of the district of Günzburg
Towns Municipalities
  1. Burgau
  2. Günzburg
  3. Ichenhausen
  4. Krumbach
  5. Leipheim
  6. Thannhausen
  1. Aichen
  2. Aletshausen
  3. Balzhausen
  4. Bibertal
  5. Breitenthal
  6. Bubesheim
  7. Burtenbach
  8. Deisenhausen
  9. Dürrlauingen
  10. Ebershausen
  11. Ellzee
  12. Gundremmingen
  13. Haldenwang
  14. Jettingen-Scheppach
  1. Kammeltal
  2. Kötz
  3. Landensberg
  4. Münsterhausen
  5. Neuburg an der Kammel
  6. Offingen
  7. Rettenbach
  8. Röfingen
  9. Ursberg
  10. Waldstetten
  11. Waltenhausen
  12. Wiesenbach
  13. Winterbach
  14. Ziemetshausen