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Dialects of Punjabi

Jhangochi (جھنگوچی) is the oldest and most conservative dialect of the Punjabi (Lahndi or western Punjabi or saraiki) language. It is spoken throughout a widespread area, starting from Khanewal and Jhang at both ends of Ravi River and Chenab River to Gujranwala District. It than runs down to Bahawalnagar and Chishtian araes, on the banks of river Sutlej River. This entire area has almost the same traditions, customs and culture. The Jhangochi dialect of Punjabi has several aspects that set it apart from other Punjabi variants. This area has a great culture and heritage, especially literary heritage, as it is credited with the creation of the famous epic romance stories of Heer Ranjha and Mirza Sahiba. It is spoken in the Bar areas of Punjab, i.e. areas whose names are often suffixed with 'Bar', for example Sandal Bar, Kirana Bar, Neeli Bar and Ganji Bar.