Punjabi dialects

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Punjabi languages
Ethnicity:Punjabi people, Saraiki people, Hindkowan, Pothwari people, Khetrani people, Pahari people
Linguistic classification:Indo-European
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Punjabi has three major dialects.

  1. Majhi- This is the prestige dialect of Punjabi primarily spoken in Majha region of Punjab, i.e. Sri Amritsar, Lahore, Ferozpur etc.
  2. Malwai-spoken in Malwa: ludhiana bathinda etc.
  3. Doabi-Spoken in Doaba:Nawanshahr, Jalandhar etc.

Related languages[change | change source]

Punjabi is a language derived from Sanskrit and Pali. Many languages such as Saraiki, Hindko, Pahari-Pothwari, Ajri, and Jafri are all related to Punjabi and form the Lahnda group which is known as Western Punjabi. Eastern Punjabi is the only Punjabi dialect and language spoken in India.[1] The ones in Pakistan such as Hindko and Saraiki are often mixed with other languages such as Sindhi or Pashto.[2][3] The Khetrani language is often debated whether it is a Punjabi-Lahnda language or a Sindhi language.[4] Eastern Punjabi consists of many dialects, but not languages.

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