Coordinates: 48°29′N 135°05′E / 48.483°N 135.083°E / 48.483; 135.083
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View of Khabarovsk looking down the Ussuriysky Boulevard
View of Khabarovsk looking down the Ussuriysky Boulevard
Flag of Khabarovsk
Coat of arms of Khabarovsk
Anthem: Anthem of Khabarovsk[2]
Location of Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk is located in Russia
Location of Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk is located in Russia
Khabarovsk (Russia)
Coordinates: 48°29′N 135°05′E / 48.483°N 135.083°E / 48.483; 135.083
Federal subjectKhabarovsk Krai[3]
FoundedMay 31, 1858[4]
City status since1880[5]
 • BodyCity Duma[6]
 • Mayor[6]Sergei Kravchuk[7]
 • Total400 km2 (200 sq mi)
72 m (236 ft)
 • Total577,441
 • Estimate 
618,150 (+7%)
 • Rank26th in 2010
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,700/sq mi)
 • Subordinated tocity of krai significance of Khabarovsk[1]
 • Capital ofKhabarovsk Krai[3], city of krai significance of Khabarovsk[11]
 • Urban okrugKhabarovsk Urban Okrug[12]
 • Capital ofKhabarovsk Urban Okrug[12], Khabarovsky Municipal District[13]
Time zoneUTC+10 (MSK+7 Edit this on Wikidata[14])
Postal code(s)[15]
680000–680003, 680006, 680007, 680009, 680011–680015, 680017, 680018, 680020–680023, 680025, 680026, 680028–680033, 680035, 680038, 680040–680043, 680045, 680047, 680051, 680052, 680054, 680055, 680700, 680880, 680890, 680899, 680921, 680950, 680960–680967, 680970, 680999, 901183, 901185
Dialing code(s)+7 4212
OKTMO ID08701000001
City DayLast Sunday of May[4]
Twin townsVilleurbanne, Niigata, Portland, Victoria, Harbin, Bucheon, Sanya, Chongjin, Mudanjiang, Haikou, MusashinoEdit this on Wikidata

Khabarovsk (Russian: Хабаровск) is a city in and the administrative center of Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. It has 618,150 people as of 2018.

History[change | change source]

Khabarovsk is located at the Amur River just below the city's confluence with the Ussuri. Khabarovsk was named after E.P. Khabarov, who made several undertaken journeys to the Amur River basin in the mid-17th century. Khabarovsk was founded in May 31,1858 as a military outpost. Khabarovsk's nodal position at the point at which the Trans-Siberian Railway crosses the Amur River made it an important focus of the Russian Far East, and at one time it administered the entire area to the Bering Strait, which connects Russia and North America. Modern Khabarovsk spreads across a series of small valleys and ridges perpendicular to the Amur.

Khabarovsk has an attractive waterfront park and long area and a mixture of modern apartment blocks, factories, and old, one-story wooden houses. It is a major industrial centre, with most enterprises located in the upstream district. They include large scale engineering and machine-building industries, oil refining, timber working, furniture making, and many light industries.

Economy[change | change source]

Khabarovsk has an institution of higher education, agricultural, medical, teacher-training, and railway-engineering institutes and several scientific-research establishments.

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