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Primorsky Krai

Coordinates: 45°20′N 134°40′E / 45.333°N 134.667°E / 45.333; 134.667
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Map of Russia showing Primorsky Krai
coat of arms

Primorsky Krai (Russian: Приморский край, tr. Primorsky kray, IPA: [prʲɪˈmorskʲɪj kraj]) is one of the 85 federal subjects (a krai) of Russia. It is in the Far East region of the country and is a part of the Far Eastern Federal District. The administrative center of the krai is the city of Vladivostok. As of the 2010 Census, 1,956,497 people lived there.[1]


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45°20′N 134°40′E / 45.333°N 134.667°E / 45.333; 134.667