Republic of Crimea

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Republic of Crimea
Респу́блика Крым
Республіка Крим
Къырым Джумхуриети
Qırım Cumhuriyeti
Location of Crimea
Status Unrecognized by any state
Capital Simferopol
Spoken languages
Government Republic
Sergey Aksyonov
Legislature State Council
Independence from Ukraine
• Proclaimed
March 11, 2014
• Established
Depends on the outcome of the referendum
• Recognized
• Total
27,000 km2 (10,000 sq mi)
Currency Ukrainian hryvnia
Russian ruble
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
• Summer (DST)
ISO 3166 code [[ISO 3166-2:|]]

The Republic of Crimea (Crimean Tatar: Къырым Джумхуриети, Qırım Cumhuriyeti; Russian: Республика Крым, Respublika Krym) is a Russian federal subject.[1] It is the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea. It is located southeast of Ukraine and west of southern Russia. Its capital is Simferopol. The parliament of Crimea declared independence in 2014 after the victory of Euromaidan and joined Russia.

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