List of rivers of Ukraine

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This is a list of the major rivers that flow through Ukraine. Ukraine, a country on the continent of Europe, has many rivers. The most notable rivers of Ukraine include the: Danube, Dnieper, and the Dniester.

A NASA satellite image of the Dnieper and its tributaries.
The Dnieper River passes through many cities. Namely, Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. In Kyiv, more than seven bridges cross the river.
A map of the Southern Buh flowing through Ukraine (in Lithuanian).

List of major rivers in Ukraine[change | change source]

Note: The following rivers are listed from west to east. Rivers listed in bold are either major rivers, or near or about 1,000 km. long.

List by letter[change | change source]

A-I[change | change source]

AlmaBazavlukBilozerkaBug RiverBykBystrytsiaCheremoshChornaDanubeDesnaDnieperDniesterHorynInhulInhuletsIrpin

K-R[change | change source]


S[change | change source]

SalhirSamaraSanSeretSeversky DonetsSeymSluchSnovSouthern BugStryiStuhnaStyrSudostSulaSupiy

T-Z[change | change source]

TeterivTiasmynTrubizhTysmenytsiaUchan-suUzh (Ukraine, Slovakia)Uzh River (Northern Ukraine)VorsklaVovkZolota LypaZbruch

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