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Mammary intercourse

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a woman has mammary intercourse with a man

Mammary intercourse is a sexual activity. People may do it during foreplay. It is also done as a safe sex alternative to anal or vaginal sexual intercourse (fucking). It is non-penetrative sex. It involves exciting the penis using the breasts of the partner.

In most instances, this sexual activity involves the man placing his penis between his partner's breasts. He then thrusts while the breasts are squeezed around the penis for more excitement. Sometimes the breasts are moved back and forth over the penis instead. Mammary intercourse is sometimes combined with oral sex (blowjob). Sometimes mammary intercourse continues to the point of ejaculation. The semen can land on the breasts, face, or in the mouth of the partner if done alongside oral sex.

Several slang terms refer to mammary intercourse. These slang terms include titfuck or titty fuck in the United States. Tit wank or French fuck are slang terms used in the United Kingdom.[1] Paizuri is a Japanese loanword for mammary intercourse that combines the words for “tit” and “rubbing”. Titjob and boobjob are sometimes used to mean mammary intercourse, but “boob job” can also mean breast enlargement surgery.

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