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Discovered by Scott S. Sheppard,
and David C. Jewitt
Discovered in August 29, 2003
Orbital characteristics
Mean radius 14,345,000 km
Eccentricity 0.6608
Orbital period 1687.01 d
Inclination 57° (to the ecliptic)[1]
Is a moon of Uranus
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter ~20 km (estimate)[1]
Surface area ~1300 km2 (estimate)
Volume ~4000 km3 (estimate)
Mass ~1.0×1015 kg (estimate)
Mean density ~1.5 g/cm3 (estimate)
Surface gravity ~0.0023 m/s2 (estimate)
Escape velocity ~0.005 km/s (estimate)
Rotation period ?
Axial tilt
Albedo 0.04 (assumed)[1]
Surface temp.
min mean max
~65 K (estimate)
Atmospheric pressure 0 kPa

Margaret is the only prograde non-spherical moon of Uranus. It was found by Scott S. Sheppard, et al. in 2003 and given the designation S/2003 U 3.[2]

Confirmed as Uranus XXIII, it was named after the servant of Hero in William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing[3]

Orbit[change | change source]

Irregular satellites of Uranus.

Margaret stands out as the only prograde non-spherical moon of Uranus. The diagram illustrates the orbital parameters of Margaret, unique among the non-spherical moons of Uranus, with inclination on the vertical axis and the eccentricity of the orbits represented by the segments extending from the pericentre to the apocentre.

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