Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily

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Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily
Организация Уполномоченного по филателии и бонам в СССР (ОУФБ)
Agency overview
Formed30 March 1922; 99 years ago (1922-03-30)
Preceding agency
Dissolved25 October 1926; 94 years ago (1926-10-25)
Superseding agency
HeadquartersMoscow, USSR
55°46′23″N 37°35′26″E / 55.77306°N 37.59056°E / 55.77306; 37.59056
Agency executive
  • Feodor Chuchin, Commissioner
Parent agencyPOMGOL

Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily was established in Moscow in 1922 by the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTsIK) for matters concerned with philately and bonds. An old Bolshevik Feodor Chuchin headed this organisation.[1]

History[change | change source]

To help finance the Central Famine Relief Committee (POMGOL), VTsIK decided to sell abroad postage stamps of Imperial Russia and the newly formed governments of the Civil War period. The idea was to obtain hard currency for them. Feodor Chuchin was named in 1921 the POMGOL commissioner for matters pertaining to stamp donations.[1]

In March 1922, the Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily[a] was set up. Chuchin was appointed to supervise its activities in Soviet Russia and abroad.[2] The sale of stamps and paper money was profitable:

In the financial report for November 1922 it was indicated that the finance office of the VTsIK received deposits worth 2,970,000 rubles on the organisation's account.

—from Sovetskaya Kultura,[b] 10 March 1983, "In those distant years".[1]

The Organisation of the Commissioner for Philately and Scripophily existed till 1926 and was superseded by the Soviet Philatelic Association.[1]

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Notes[change | change source]

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