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A semi-solid is a state of matter. It is a substance that is in between a solid and a liquid. Another name for a semi-solid is a quasi-solid.[1]

Mayonnaise is an example of a semi-solid. Mayonnaise does not hold its shape like a solid but does not flow like a liquid. Gel or cream are terms often used of a semi-solid.

Normally semi-solids are covalent in their chemistry. Covalent substances get softer and softer until they melt. Ionic substances melt at one temperature and do not get softer.

Butter is a semi-solid when it is warm. Butter does not hold its shape but it does not flow like a liquid. Paint is also a semisolid, since it is highly viscous. The shape of curd is semi-solid, and is different from milk, which is liquid.

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