Somewhere Only We Know

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"Somewhere Only We Know" is a song by English band Keane. It is their third single. The song is played using a piano, drums and bass. The song was the first single from the album Hopes and Fears. The single was very popular in the United Kingdom and world wide.

Composition and recording[change | change source]

"Somewhere Only We Know" was composed by Tim Rice-Oxley in 2001.

The song was first played on the guitar, just before Dominic Scott left the band. It was recorded as a demo the same year with piano instead of the guitar. Keane recorded the final version in 2003 at the Helioscentric Studios, East Sussex for the album.

Keane played this song at the historical concert Live 8 in London.

Information of songs[change | change source]

Somewhere Only We Know[change | change source]

The drummer for Keane, Richard Hughes, said that the band had been asked if the song was about a place. He said that Rice-Oxley had said that to the members of the band it might be about a place or a feeling. He also said that the song can mean something to each person and each person can relate the song to their own memories. He felt that the song was more of a theme than being about any single place or time.[1] Look at the interview for this song, the place that only we know is when friends get High together.

The song is related to trees:

  • The three different music videos show Keane in a forest.
  • Images used when the band performs the song live include pictures of a forest.
  • The cover of the single has leaves falling.
  • One promo single had a burning tree.
  • "Snowed Under" b-side mentions "Manser's Shaw", a forest area in Battle, East Sussex.
  • "Walnut Tree" b-side mentions a tree.

B-sides[change | change source]

"Somewhere Only We Know" has been released two times as a single. Each time it had a different b-side.

Walnut Tree[change | change source]

The lyrics of "Walnut Tree" talk about waiting for someone or something. Rice-Oxley has not talked about a real meaning to this. The song appeared on the "Music from the OC: Mix 2" soundtrack.

Snowed Under[change | change source]

"Snowed Under" talks about a place called "Manser's Shaw". This is a place where the band used to spent their days. It was inspired by a poem[2] "Snowed Under" was the only b-side played live during 2004, 2005 and early 2006.

Track listings[change | change source]

CD Single CID849

  1. "Somewhere Only We Know"
  2. "Walnut Tree"
  3. "Snowed Under"
  4. "Somewhere Only We Know" (CD-ROM Video)

UK 7" Vinyl IS849

  1. "Somewhere Only We Know"
  2. "Snowed Under"

Other versions[change | change source]

Germany CD Single
Released March 26 2004

  1. Somewhere Only We Know
  2. Snowed Under

Spain CD Single
Released April 16 2004

  1. Somewhere Only We Know
  2. Walnut Tree
  3. Somewhere Only We Know (Video)

UK, 3" Pocket CD Released July 19 2004

  1. Somewhere Only We Know
  2. Snowed Under
  3. Somewhere Only We Know (Polyphonic ringtone)
  4. Snowed Under (Polyphonic ringtone)
  5. Somewhere Only We Know (Truetone)
  6. Snowed Under (Truetone)

Cover versions and TV[change | change source]

The song has been covered by:

It has appeared on:

Music videos[change | change source]

There are three music videos for this song:

International version[change | change source]

Keane comes out of a studio and takes a taxi. Then they come across a forest where the "simple thing" aliens live. Each alien represents the spirit of a tree. The video was directed by Colin Hardy.

United States version 1[change | change source]

The video is the same without the "simple thing" aliens

United States version 2[change | change source]

This video was made in May 29 2004 in Hollywood, California. It was directed by The Saline Project.

References[change | change source]

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