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PronunciationEnglish pronunciation: /ˈstiːvən/
MeaningCrown; wreath
Other names
DerivedGreek: Στέφανος
Related namesStephanie, Steven

Stephen or Steven (generally pronounced English pronunciation: /ˈstiːvən/) is an English masculine first name, comes the Latin form Stephanus and that from the Greek Στέφανος (Stephanos), which means "crown" or "wreath."

Other spellings are Stephan, Stefan, Stephaen, Stevie, and Stevon. Steve is the common short form and various diminutives such as Stevie are also found. Many family names come from Stephen: the most common are Stephens/Stevens and Stephenson/Stevenson (others include Stephen, Stephan, Stefan, Stevin, and Stever).

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