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Stephen of Blois
King of the English
King Stephen from NPG.jpg
King of the English
(1st Reign)
Reign22 December 1135 – April 1141
Coronation26 December 1135
PredecessorHenry I
King of the English
(2nd Reign)
ReignNovember 1141 – 25 October 1154
SuccessorHenry II
Bornc. 1096
Blois, France
Died(1154-10-25)25 October 1154
Dover, Kent
SpouseMatilda I of Boulogne
IssueEustace IV of Boulogne
William of Blois
Marie of Boulogne
HouseNorman dynasty
FatherStephen II, Count of Blois
MotherAdela of Normandy

Stephen of England (c. 1096–25 October 1154) was King of England from 1135 until 1154. He became the King after the death of his uncle Henry I. Stephan was the King until his own death in Dover, Kent. Stephen was crowned at Westminster Abbey on the 26 December 1135. Stephen is buried at the Clunaic Monastery in Faversham, Kent.

King Stephen was born in Blois, France, in 1096.[1] He was the son of Stephen, Count of Blois and Adela of Normandy. His mother, Adela, was the daughter of William I of England and Matilda of Flanders. Stephen married Matilda of Boulogne in about 1125. They had five children. He fought a civil war with Henry I's only daughter, Matilda, from 1139-1153. This ended with the Treaty of Wallingford in 1153 after the death of Stephen's son and heir, Eustace IV. The treaty said that Stephen would be King for the rest of his lifetime. After his death, the throne passed to Henry, son of Matilda, and not Stephen's other son William Died on 25 of October in 1154.))

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  1. Note: There is some doubt about his year of birth. He may have been born in 1097. 1096 is the commonly listed date.