Edred of England

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King of England
ReignMay 26, 946 – November 23 955
PredecessorEdmund I
Wessex, England
DiedNovember 23, 955
Old Minster, Winchester, England. Bones now in Winchester Cathedral, England
FatherEdward the Elder

King Edred or Eadred (c. 923 – November 23 955) was King of England from 946 until his death. He was a son of King Edward the Elder and Edgiva of Kent. He was king after his brother, King Edmund I. Like both his older brothers, Edred was successful against the Vikings. Edred was a very religious man, but had very poor health (he could barely eat his food). He died on November 23 955, in Frome, Somerset, and was buried in the Old Minster at Winchester. His nephew, King Edwy, became king after him.

Family tree[change | change source]

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Preceded by
Edmund I
King of England
Succeeded by