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Medal record
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The Medal infobox series of templates allow editors to list an athlete or sportsperson's major medals at the top of their respective biography article, alongside the lead section.

Usage[change source]

The medal infobox consists of two templates:

  • {{MedalTableTop}} – for starting the table (image optional)
  • {{Medal}} – for the several elements within the table

Parameters[change source]

MedalTableTop[change source]

Michael Johnson
Alternative text here
Johnson at the London Olympic Stadium
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing the  United States
Basic usage
  • image This give you the option to place a headline image in the infobox. Use just the file name and extension, excluding the namespace prefix, for example: MyImage.jpg not File:MyImage.jpg.
  • imagesize This adjusts the size of the image and must consist of a number followed by "px" (e.g. 150px). The default is 100px. Sizes over 200px are no recommended for typical usage.
  • alt This provides a description of the image for accessibility users or those using weak connections
  • caption This adds a short description to describe the image. Try to be brief, using just a few words.
  • name This option adjusts the title that appears at the top of the box. This should typically be the athlete's common name. By default it will display the article title without the disambiguator, for example on Michael Johnson (sprinter) "Michael Johnson" will appear by default. To deactivate the title enter no in the field.
  • header This optional field can be used to change the text in the opening "Medal record" section. This is useful when the template appears in a section of an article. See Michael Phelps for a working example.
  • sport This option includes the athlete's sport (e.g. Men's swimming) in the first line of the medal record. This replaces the need for {{Medal|Sport}} when an athlete has medalled in only one sport. In cases where an athlete has competed in multiple sports, it is still possible to use the {{Medal|Sport}} template usage to list the different sports.
  • country_code This option uses the country code (e.g. USA = United States, CHN = China, GBR2 = Great Britain) to generate the country that the athlete represents in the second line of the medal record. This replaces the need for {{Medal|Country}} when an athlete has competed for only one country. In cases where an athlete has represented multiple countries, it is still possible to use the {{Medal|Country}} template usage to list the different countries.
  • medals This is the only compulsory field as this is used to place medals and descriptions within the infobox through the {{Medal}} template. To work correctly it must be the last field in the main template.

Medal[change source]

Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing the  United States
Olympic Games
Gold 2012 TEST 100 m
Silver 2012 TEST 100 m
Bronze 2012 TEST 100 m
Winner 2012 TEST 100 m
Runner-up 2012 TEST 100 m
Second 2012 TEST 100 m
Third 2012 TEST 100 m
Playoffs 2012 TEST 100 m
Disqualified 2012 TEST 100 m
Men's bobsled
Representing  Jamaica
World Bobsled Championships
Disqualified 2013 TEST Bobsled

The Medal template is a multi-purpose one which allows for all varieties of entries within the medal table.

Basic usage

There are four major types:

  • Competition This states the general competition at which the following medals were achieved (e.g. Olympic Games, Pan Pacific Swimming Championships)
  • Medal performances: There are ten types of medal performances. These contain two separate fields for the year of the competition and its location (e.g. 2008 Beijing, 2010 Delhi) and the medalling event or category (e.g. pole vault, 56 kg, 50 m freestyle). The medal types are (with shortcut in brackets):
    • Gold (G)
    • Silver (S)
    • Bronze (B)
    • Winner (W)
    • Runnerup (RU)
    • Second (2nd)
    • Third (3rd)
    • Playoffs (PO)
    • Disqualified (DQ)
Medal record
Olympic rings with white rims.svg Pierre de Coubertin medal 2012

The final type (TrueSpirit) is used for the Pierre de Coubertin medal. This has only one extra field for the year it was awarded.

Medal record
Disqualified 2012 TEST 100 m[1]

For the disqualified medal template, it is possible to create a reference directly after the template to explain the reason for disqualification. This can be particularly useful in the case of relay runners disqualified through no fault of their own, due to doping by team mates for example.

  1. Reason for disqualification
Multiple countries/sports

Where an athlete has competed for multiple countries or in multiple sports it will be necessary to use the Country or Sport Medal types, in addition to the main sport and country_code listings in the MedalTableTop template

  • Country This is usually the first section showing the person's relevant country (or team). Enter the country's three letter code in curly brackets (e.g. {{CHN}} ), including "the" where appropriate (e.g. the {{USA}} ). In rare cases the correct input may be something else (e.g. a team name). Independent is used for independent athletes.
  • Sport This states the sport that the athlete is competing in (e.g. Women's swimming)

Examples[change source]

For competitors who have competed in the same sport for the same country, the templates should be ordered Sport, Country, Competition1, Award, Competition2, Award and so on.

{{MedalTableTop|image=Example.jpg|imagesize=150px|alt=Alt text for image|name=Athlete name
|sport=Men's [[Athletics (sport)|athletics]]|country_code=AUS|medals=
{{Medal|Competition|[[Olympic Games]]}}
{{Medal|Gold|[[2000 Summer Olympics|2000 Sydney]] | [[Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metres|100 m]] }}
{{Medal|Competition|[[Commonwealth Games]]}}
{{Medal|Silver|[[2006 Commonwealth Games|2006 Melbourne]] | [[Athletics at the 2006 Commonwealth Games|200 m]] }}
{{Medal|Bronze|2006 Melbourne | 400 m }}
Athlete name
Alt text for image
Medal record
Men's athletics
Representing  Australia
Olympic Games
Gold 2000 Sydney 100 m
Commonwealth Games
Silver 2006 Melbourne 200 m
Bronze 2006 Melbourne 400 m