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This template is a navbox (navigation box) that shows readers the names of articles that are related to the reproductive system of humans. It should be placed at the bottom of articles about that topic.

To make the template appear in an article, type this:

{{Reproductive system}}

To make a blank line appear above the template so that it is not too near the text above it, type this:

{{-}} {{Reproductive system}}

Adding articles[change source]

In general, if you think that the navbox should be put into an article, that article's name should appear in the navbox too. If it does not, please edit the template to add the article name.

When adding an article to the template, make sure you put it into the right group: "Female anatomy", "Female physiology", "Male anatomy" or "Male physiology". Please arrange the articles in each group alphabetically, and put an en-dash with one space before and after (" – " or " – ") between the article names.

Please only add articles that have already been written to the template. Do not add articles that create red links.