Tokio Hot 100

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Tokio Hot 100
GenreMusic chart show, talk
Running timeApprox. 4 hrs. (including commercials)
CountryJapan Japan
Home stationJ-Wave
HostsChristopher Daniel Peppler (main navigator, since 2006)
Maki Kotsugi (info navigator)
Air datessince October 2, 1988 (1988-10-02)

Tokio Hot 100 (トキオ・ホット・ワンハンドレッド, Tokio Hotto Wanhandoredo), also known as McDonald's Tokio Hot 100, is the official music chart program of J-Wave. It is also the flagship program of the Japan FM League's Hot 100 music chart series. It ranks the most popular 100 songs every week. It is published on Billboard magazine.

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