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You've persecuted us for generations... And now you beg us to aid you?
We will do what we must... But we do it for Aiur, not you!

EN English (English)[change | change source]

Hello, welcome to my userpage. If you know a language aside from English, just hop in and join the effort to translate my username to many languages... Thank You in over 465 languages in advance.

About White Cat[change | change source]

Good day, I am White Cat.

I am generally pleasant and helpful so feel free to page me on any questions on my talk page.

Self[change | change source]

I have been to many nations on three continents (Europe, Asia (Western), North America). I am very interested in the science of Astronomy, and I am a Computer Engineering major.

I wasn't into Anime or Manga until my introduction to it a few years ago. Prior to this I did not care/was unaware of the diversity in Japanese culture. I was completely uninterested in learning anything regarding Japan or the far east, let alone learning a far eastern language. Tonikaku, I was explained how popular anime is in Japan and that it is aimed at all age groups. Fullmetal Alchemist, Planetes, Bleach, MADLAX, and of course Oh My Goddess! stand out among the Anime that I liked. Additionally, I follow the Naruto Manga. See the more complete anime/manga list.

I consider BBC's Spooks Season 2, episode 2 (Nest of Angels) to be extremely insightful. Given I have had firsthand experience with terrorism, I can tell that episode portrays global terrorism extremely well within a 45-minute period. I consider that episode to be a "must watch" by all. The fact that it was shot before the 2005 London bombings sheds further insight to that incident as well, in a sense.

Wikipedia[change | change source]

I got introduced to Wikipedia on February 2005 while I was at Michigan State University by a student. Since then I have been quite active and a summary of my activity can be found on the history page.

I value my anonymity above everything else on the internet, and ask you to honor this. Acquiring my nationality, age, name, and any other data revealing my identity will not improve the Wikipedia project and hence is of no concern to you.

Of course, a few misguided individuals have assigned me nationalities and etc.. listed below. I had been assigned the following nationalities so far: Japanese, Serbian, Turkish, Irish, Algerian, Azerbaijani, Libyan and even Andorian. I'll give a hint: I am not Andorian. I am not denying any of these so as not to compromise my anonymity from 1/198 nations.

I have been also assigned the religions of Atheism and Islam. I have also been declared the following: revisionist, troll, propagandist, racist, gay, lesbian, homosexual, motherfucker, "attention whore" (not certain what an attention whore is by the way), Zionist, coward, "atrocity committing bone breaking Nazi" and even a slimy.

I have also been declared a "terrorist Kurd" and an "ultra-nationalist Turk". How can I be both? I never said I was either...

If you also think I am something I am not, feel free to put that nonsense on my talk page or mention it to me on IRC (and please be creative, as that entertains me more). Do remember that, by doing so, you will violate Avoid personal remarks or No personal attacks but on the other hand you will amuse me.

As a Wikipedian I consider myself to be an eventualist, and inclusionist. I am not a mergist nor a metapedian. I believe in the Wiki is not paper principle.

These are the voyages...[change | change source]

...of the user White Cat...

Faces & Places
From: United Federation of Planets
Long term: Austria Belgium France Germany Italy Spain Turkey United States
Short trip: Andorra Czech Republic Greece Luxembourg Monaco the Netherlands Switzerland the Vatican
Must go to: Australia Bulgaria Canada Egypt Japan Korea, South Russia United Kingdom
Planning to go to: Armenia Azerbaijan China, The People's Republic of China, Republic of (Taiwan) Cyprus Cyprus, Turkish Republic of Northern Finland Ireland Malta Mexico Nagorno-Karabakh Norway Sweden
Not sure to go: Congo, Democratic Republic of the Cuba Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Korea, North Lebanon Palestine Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria
To go when possible: Alpha Centauri relative sizes.png
Alpha Centauri
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These are the voyages - en key (White Cat).png
User:White Cat


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Where no one had gone before...
New Horizons probe
New Horizons is the first proble launched for Pluto... Where is New Horizons now?

The image above will be updated 2015 with the real image of Pluto...

Please update for me if I fail to do so

Blended wing craft
Inspiring, however already have seen it in Planetes... NASA engineers copycat anime apperantly (or the anime/Sci-fi is becoming reality?)... Full story

Victoria Crater
Victoria Crater, Mars