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Waterloo & City
Waterloo & City line flag box.svg
Colour on map Corporate Turquoise
Year opened 1898
Line type Deep Level
Rolling stock 1992 Tube Stock
Stations served 2
Length 2.37 km (1.47 mi)
Depots Waterloo
Passenger journeys made

The Waterloo & City line is part of the London Underground network. It is the shortest deep-level underground metro line in London at only 2.37 kilometres (1.47 mi) long[1]. It runs from Waterloo to Bank under the River Thames and has no other stations. It started running 1898[1]. On the Tube map it is shown with a turquoise colour. It is the only line to be entirely underground. It is unofficially known as the Drain[1]. The line did not become part of the London Underground until 1994 when it was transferred during the privatisation of British Rail[1].

History[change | change source]

On 1 April 1994 the line was finally transferred to London Transport from British Rail[2]. It was the last Underground line to be independently owned. It was placed under the management of the Central line[2]. This was partially because the two lines both used the 1992 tube stock trains. The line was closed over the Easter weekend[2]. This meant that British Rail's last day of operation was 31 March 1994. London Transport's first was 5 April 1994. The train drivers are housed at Leytonstone tube station, and the engineers are based at Hainault depot[2].

Stations[change | change source]

Waterloo & City line
Bank Central line Circle line District line Northern line Docklands Light Railway
River Thames
Former Armstrong Lift siding
Waterloo Bakerloo line Jubilee line Northern line RWBA Fähre(R).svg 12px
Waterloo Depot
Station Image Opened Additional Information
Bank Docklands Light Railway Bank station Waterloo & City line train.JPG 8 August 1898 Opened as City, renamed 28 October 1940
Waterloo 12px Waterloo station MMB 28 1992-stock.jpg 8 August 1898

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