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Pratyya Ghosh
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I am Pratyya Ghosh (/prəʊˈtˈtɔɪ ɡhʊʃh/) (Bengali: প্রত্যয় ঘোষ) ([/prot̪t̪oe̯ ɡʱhoʃh/] (audio speaker iconlisten)), a Wikipedian, who is trying to improve the encyclopedia the best. I am a Bangladeshi by born and currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

There are certain things I did in these years as a Wikipedia. Also achieved certain milestones. You'll find all of those here under the Works and Stats page. (I'll try to keep them updated as much as possible)

Outside Wikipedia, I have a small and nice life-circle in real life. I am majoring in Mathematics. Hence am passionate about Mathematics. Apart from academics I am a sports lover. Especially love to watch and play Cricket. I love to watch movies and read books. Alongside I can do a bit debating (Don't worry, I am a peaceful human being). I know some programming and can do some coding works.

Generally, I am not a very secretive person about my contact information. So I am giving some mediums to contact me beside Wikipedia. BUT do not use them for Wikipedia use. Contact me through talk-page or E-Mail regarding Wikipedia related issues.
Twitter: @Pratyya10
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