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Welcome to ME

I like:
To write about things in Northern Europe · To write about  · To learn English · To help other learn Danish · Read different articles which isn't on the Scandinavian Wikipedias
But above all; I love the idea of life and The Wikimedia Project

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About Pyrros

Pyrros is a 14 years old Danish boy living in Søborg, Zealand. He was born in Herlev Hospital at 22nd floor. At the time I was 2 years old we moved from Rødovre to Fårevejle Stationsby. But in 2009 we moved again, partly because that my mom and dad hated the smell of non-organic farming (manure and other smelly sorts of excrements) and partly because the Financial Crysis was above us, to an apartment in Mørkhøj, right beside TV-byen.

After we have been living in that apartment for about one year, we once again moved; but this time it was only a couple of kilometres further south, and yea, you guessed right; Søborg, and we've been living here since then.

Facts about my Wikipedia-history:

  • I started on The Danish Wikipedia the 13th of October 2013. Since then I've contributed with about 700 edits since then (on the Danish Wikipedia).
  • I like cars, astronomy and airplanes. Essentially I edit, and creates, articles about car/automotive industry, astronomy and airplanes
  • I help English people on the Danish Wikipedia. When there is a newcomer to the Danish Wikipedia, and always want to help them.
  • I started on the Norwegian Wikipedia the same day as I created this page. It was in the late summer of Denmark, and I simply thought "WHY NOT?", and then; I DID IT! Date: 28th of October 2015.
  • I have a Westi!


    — you


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What I really do on THIS wiki


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Did you know...

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Me and other projects

Here's a list of my global accounts:
In Danish:
Me on the Danish Wikipedia
Wiktionary-logo-en.svg Wiktionary
Me on the Danish Wiktionary
HSWQuote.svg Wikiquote
Me on the Danish Wikiquote
HSWikimedia.svg Meta-Wiki
Me on Meta-Wiki (Wikimedia project coordination)
HSMediaWiki.svg MediaWiki
Wiki software development
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