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All the Stars I can dream of !
Wikipedia Barnstars

Original Barnstar Tireless Contributor Barnstar Classical Barnstar.png Iceland Barnstar.png No Spam Barnstar.png Biography Star.png Horror Barnstar Skull.png Barnstar Rugby.png Good Heart Barnstar.png AngelBarnstar.png AngelHeartBarnstar.png MediatorBarnstar.png Barnstar-RTFM.png Sample jainism barnstar.jpg Barnstar barnstar.png Barnstar barnstar 2.png Sapphire Barnstar.png Category Barnstar.png ZOMG barnstar.png AABarnstar.png Barnstar-copyvio.png RHBarnstar.jpg U2 barnstar.JPG Tulip barnstar.jpg BackScratchBarnStar.png Barnstar helpful.png Barnstar2.PNG Barnstar Barnstar 3 NoBlackspot.png TVbarnstarproposal7.PNG Trollstar.png Opinion Barnstar Blue.jpg StrikethroughBarnstar.jpg FSBarnstar.png Barnstar nature.png Sock Puppet Star.gif Christian Barnstar.png Barnstar Hip hop.png Barnstar-globe.png Pornbarnstar.png

WikiProject Scouting barnstar sepia.jpg WikiProject Scouting barnstar purple.jpg Helpdeskbarnstar.png Barn star free zone.png Barnstar-law.png Uruguay Barnstar.png Peru Barnstar.png Italy barnstar b.png WikiProject Illinois Barnstar.png Wisconsin Barnstar.png Barnstar 10-point.JPG Barnstar-lifescience.png Outspokenbarnstars.png SombreroBarnstar.png ArmyMenBarnstar.png Writer's barnstar.png Southindianbarnstar.png Sysop-Barnstar.png BSD Daemon barnstar.png DYK Barnstar blinky 01-02.gif DYK Barnstar Animation 01-02.gif NPOVBarnstarProposal.png Barnstar metal.png Content Creativity Barnstar.png CopyeditorStar7.PNG Rust-Gold barnstar.png Olympicstar4.png AwardAward.JPG Weird Al Barnstar.png Charity Barnstar.png StubSortBarnstar.png Barnstar-philippines.png FootballBarnstar.png Adopt Barnstar.png Adoption Barnstar 2.png Star Trek Barnstar.png Socratic Barnstar.gif Gandhi Barnstar.png Pokebarnstar-v2.png IlDivoBarnstar.png Peace Barnstar 6.png BarnstarCVG.png Human Rights Barnstar.png Civility barnstar.png Buddha Barnstar.png HinduBarnstar4a.png Barnstar-mubu.png AudioBarnstar.png Filmbarnstar.png Barnstarbot.png WikiProject Motorsport Barnstar.png Barnstar stone2.png Working Man's Barnstar.png Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar.png Welcomer's Barnstar.png Barnstar of Diligence.png File:Detective barnstar.png Surreal Barnstar.png Editors Barnstar.png Sleepless editor barnstar.png April Fools Barnstar.PNG Xbox barnstar.png PlayStation Barnstar.png Patina Barnstar with Helm.png Award.jewish.arnstar.png CompensatoryBarnstar.png Barnstar-camera.png GDBarnstar1.png Goonstar.png The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar Barnstar of Humour3.png Barnstar-eraser2.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar Barnstar of Reversion.png Resilient-red.png Resilient-orange.png Resilient-teal.png Resilient-green.png Resilient-barnstar2.png Resilient-purple.png Resilient Barnstar.png Resilient-iron.png Diligent with Mistakes.png Barnstar robot.png Vigilante Barnstar.png Olympic barnstar.jpg StarfishBarnstar.png Starhalf.png Halfstar.png Commons-barnstarW.png The Special Barnstar Barnstar-lightbulb3.png Barnstar-lightbulb-noamb.png Barnstar-stone-noback.png Barnstar-stone2-noback.png Barnstar-atom3.png Barnstar-chemistry.PNG Barnstar-life.png Society barnstar 2.png DNASTAR.png Rollerbarn.png Wikiproject fungi barnstar.png Barnstar-goldrun7.png Current Events Barnstar.png LGBT-Barnstar1.png Wildlife Barnstar (V5) Alt.png Barnstar userpage.png Music barstar3.png Music barstar4.png Musicstar3.png Neuronew5.png Environment Barnstar.png Gold barnstar 2.png Gold barnstar.png GoldBarnstar.png Barnstar-Simpsons.png Barnstar-Warcraft.gif Burnstar.png WPMK Barnstar.png Barnstar-pro-wrestling.png Purple Star.png Tao Barnstar.png Spoken Barnstar.png WPCF.svg DoctorWho-Barnstar2.png KY Barnstar.png WPGS barnstar2.png WikiProject Scouting barnstar.jpg Islamic Barnstar.png IBS.PNG Islamic barnstar.png Circuit Board Barnstar, 3-D without background.png Computer barnstar2 2.png Ed Poor barnstar.svg Chocolate Star.png Black barnstar.svg Rosetta Barnstar2.png Barnstar anime2.png Barnstar anime.png Wikification Barnstar.svg Architecture barnstar.png AFC-Barnstar-2.png Yin yang barnstar.png Barnstar rescue 05.png Barnstar NPOV.png Guitar Barnstar.png AFDstar.png Featured article star.svg POTY barnstar 1-2007.svg Cscr-former.svg Cscr-candidate.png Cscr-featuredtopic.svg Selectedstarindo.png Brazilian Star.svg Modest Barnstar.png Invisible Barnstar.png Barnstar rescue 03.png Barnstar rescue 04.png Barnstar-Megaphone.png Cricket-barnstar-small.png Bio barnstar2.png Bollywoodbarnstar.JPG Refdesk barnstar candidate2.png WPD_Barnstar.png Glen star.gif TrailblazerBStar-bottom.png TrailblazerBStar-small.png TrailblazerBStar2.png Antiflame-barnstar.png WPCOL Barnstar.png Dissident barnstar.png LibertyBellstar.png Book barnstar2.png Light at the end of the tunnel barnstar.png CheBarnstar.png Compass barnstar.png Vitruvian Barnstar.png Reecent changes barnstar.png Reecent changes barnstar2.png Wikipro.JPG Barnstar Mixed Drinks.svg Missing barnstar.jpg Missing barnstarPn.png Mullet pierced.svg Rosetta Barnstar.png Translation-Barnstar.png Medalla de Xexo.png SKBarnstar.jpg DYK medal.png Dyk25.png Dyk50.png Dyk100.png Dyk200.png Dykbb.png Hero of Belarus medal.png BoNM - Indonesia.svg Barnstar Spain.png Upholder order.gif St stephen barnstar.jpg BoNM – Czech Republic.png BoNM - Australia.png BoNM – Czech Republic2.png BarnBasque.png BoNM - Iran.png Mullet pierced.svg BoNM - Belarus-red-green.png BoNM - Belarus-white-red-white.png BoNM - Quebec.png BrnStrBD.png BoNM - Brazil.png BoNM - Argentina.png BoNM - Canada.png BoNM - Bolivia.png BoNM - Ireland.png BoNM - India.png BoNM - Colombia.png BoNM - Chile.png BoNM - France.png BoNM - Germany.png BoNM - Germany2.png BoNM - French Guiana.png Armenian barn.png BoNM - Guyana.png BoNM - Turkey.png BoNM - Faroe Islands.png BoNM - Iceland.png Barnstar Excelenti article for croatian wikipedia.jpg BoNM-Hungary1848.png BoNM - Cape Verde.png BoNM - Chechnya.png BoNM-Hungary.jpg BoNM-Hungary2.JPG BoM-GM.png BèrghemBarnstar.png BoNM-Poland.png BoNM-Greece.PNG BoNM-Denmark.png Raspberry medal.png Barnstar of National Merit.png ODM article award.png Royalty Barnstar.PNG European Merit Barnstar of the EU.svg Barnstar national merit3.png Barnstar national merit4.png Barnstar national merit2.png Barnstar national merit.png Barnstar national merit5.png Barnstar national merit 1.png Editor - bronze ribbon - 1 pip.jpg Editor - gold ribbon - 3 pips.jpg Editor - silver ribbon - 2 pips.jpg Editor - white ribbon - 0 pips.jpg Editor - blue ribbon - 0 pips.jpg Hollywood Barnstar.jpg Barnstar of High Culture.png Star constellation.png Ghost-townbarnstar.png Railroadbarnstar 2.jpg Military barnstar 01.png NCAAFootball barnstar.jpg SaintBarnstar.PNG Blueprint Barnstar 2.PNG Un barnstar.png Barnstar-Interlingual.png CPR Barnstar.png Edit barnstar.png Music barstar.png Cross-stitch barnstar.png Cropcirclebarnstar(small).png Real Life Barnstar.jpg Barn Star Jainism4.jpg GoldenQuackstar.png WikiprojectBarnstar.png Fine Arts Star.png

History barnstar field 2.JPG Red barnstar.png India Barnstar.PNG Lots of barnstars.png Userpagebarnstar.png CreativeBarnstar.PNG Brilliant Idea barnstar.png Comics com star.PNG Resilient-barnstar.png Eraser-Reversion-Barnstar.PNG Guestbook barnstar.png Stargatebarnstar.jpg History Barnstar.png Barnstar of Indulgence.png Tutnum1.jpg Tutnum2.jpg Tutnum3.jpg Tutnum4.jpg Tutnum5.jpg NatRegStar2.png Babel Barnstar by paul klenk.jpg Editor - iron star.jpg Editor - bronze star.jpg Editor - silver star.jpg Editor - gold star.jpg Editor - platinum star.jpg Editor - plutonium star.jpg TexasBarnstar.png IndyBarnstar.png Bearbarnstar.jpg WikiProject Age of Empires Barnstar.png MOTD Barnstar.jpg Computer barnstar.png Recentchangesbarnstar2.jpg Computer barnstar3.png

Reviewer's Award2.png