Varaždin County

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Varaždin County
Varaždinska županija
Flag of Varaždin County
Coat of arms of Varaždin County
Varaždin County within Croatia
Varaždin County within Croatia
County seatVaraždin
 • Total1,262 km2 (487 sq mi)
 • Total175,951
 • Density140/km2 (360/sq mi)
Area code042
ISO 3166 codeHR-05

Varaždin County is a county in northern Croatia. The county seat is Varaždin.

The Drava river is along the northern border of the county. There are three reservoirs on the river – Lake Ormož, Lake Varaždin and Lake Dubrava. There are also the mountains of Ivanščica (also known as Ivančica) and Kalnik.

Administrative division[change | change source]

Dvorac Opeka in Vinica

Varaždin county is divided into:

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Coordinates: 46°19′16″N 16°13′52″E / 46.321°N 16.231°E / 46.321; 16.231