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A week is 7 days in connecting order. There are usually 52 weeks in a year.

In the English language, the days of a week are named after the gods in Norse mythology except Saturday (Sat.) which is named after a Roman god.

English name Norse mythology Roman mythology
Sunday (Sun.) Sun's day (Sunnadaeg)  
Monday (Mon.) Moon's day (Monnadaeg)  
Tuesday (Tue.) Tyr's day (Tiwsdaeg) Mars
Wednesday (Wed.) Wodan's (Odin's) day (Wodensdaeg) Mercury
Thursday (Thu.) Thor's day (Thursdaeg) Jupiter
Friday (Fri.) Freyr's day (Fridaeg) Venus
Saturday (Sat.) Saturn's day (Saturnsdaeg) Saturn
Sunday (Sun.) Sun's day (Sunnadaeg)

Sunday (Sun.) the 1st day and Saturday (Sat.) is the 7th or Monday (Mon.) is the 1st day and Sunday (Sun.) the 7th day, of the week (depending of the official law + official language per place on Earth where humans livin').

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the sabbath for Muslims, Jews, and Christians, respectively.

Saturday, and Sunday is a week-end.

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