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User:Eihel[change source]

Hello, For the second time, I ask for this right. I am fighting against vandalism and I intend to use this tool for this purpose. I'm already revoking here, then on frwiki, wd, enwb, enwiki, meta, mswiki and since a long time, with the right on the project or with scripts. I have more than 1000 editions on this project (10 times more since the last time). Thank you in advance. --Eihel (talk) 20:56, 22 February 2019 (UTC)
@Operator873, Auntof6, Djsasso, Enfcer, Eptalon, Macdonald-ross, Eurodyne: Someone wants to decide? --Eihel (talk) 15:39, 27 February 2019 (UTC)
Be patient, sometimes a request sitting is because no one wants to approve it and eventually it just gets closed as not approved. -DJSasso (talk) 15:46, 27 February 2019 (UTC)
Too bad, because this tool would be useful to me. There is not even a negative opinion that I could answer? --Eihel (talk) 09:22, 4 March 2019 (UTC)
X mark.svg Not done As it seems no one else wants to respond to this, I'll go ahead and close it. After a cursory glance, I found this, where you gave a user 3 warnings (and removed one) 4 hours after they made the edits you had reverted. There's other issues here and here where you reverted vandalism/test edits and warned them for violating WP:AGF. I am not comfortable giving you rollback just yet as there are still issues with your reverting. On an unrelated note, I reverted your edits to Renee Young on this wiki and the English Wikipedia; IMDb is not a reliable source for birthdays as you can change it quite easily. Vermont (talk) 11:31, 4 March 2019 (UTC)
I agree based on my interaction at this VIP report last month. Warning was issued 6 hours after the final edit and the report to VIP occurred 4 minutes later. Then, Eihel seems to blame the tools for the error. Only (talk) 13:41, 4 March 2019 (UTC)