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Without You (Badfinger song)

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"Without You" is a song written by musicians Peter Ham and Tom Evans, which has become a standard since it was first recorded in 1970.

Ham and Evans were members of the rock band Badfinger, and they combined the verse of one unfinished song with the chorus of another, to complete "Without You". Badfinger included their version of the song on their second album, No Dice, which was released in 1970. Apple Records was Badfinger's record label, and the song was published by a related company, Apple Music.

The song got little attention at first, but when singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson recorded a cover version of it, his single became a worldwide hit. Nilsson, Ham and Evans all reached career peaks, and Nilsson won a Grammy Award for his recording.

"Without You" became, and remains, very popular around the world. Many other artists have recorded the song, and several have had hits with it, including Mariah Carey. Apple Music lost the American rights to the song, early in the 21st century.