Zürich (canton)

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Canton of Switzerland
Coat of arms of Zürich
Coat of arms
Map of Switzerland, location of Zurich highlighted
Capital Zürich
Subdivisions 171 municipalities, 12 districts
 • Executive Regierungsrat (7)
 • Legislative Kantonsrat (180)
 • Total 1,729 km2 (668 sq mi)
Area rank 7th
Population (2016)
 • Total 1,482,003
 • Rank 1st
 • Density 857.14/km2 (2,220.0/sq mi)
Highest point 1,292 m (4,239 ft) - Schnebelhorn
Joined 1351
Abbreviation ZH
Languages German
Website ZH.ch

Zürich is a canton of Switzerland. About 1.2 million people live there. The canton is in the northeast of Switzerland. The city of Zürich is its capital. The official language is German, but people speak the local Swiss German dialect called Züritüütsch. English writers often write the name of the Canton of Zürich as Canton of Zurich.

Districts[change | change source]

The Canton of Zürich is divided into 12 districts:

Municipalities[change | change source]

The canton of Zürich has 171 municipalities:

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