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Total population

c. 20 million Berber speakers; 40 m. Arabic speakers

Regions with significant populations
 Morocco: 8.5 million

 Algeria: 7.4 m.
 Mali: 800,000
 Niger: 750,000
 Mauritania: 680,000
 Libya: 470,000
 Europe: 4 million

Berber languages
Islam (mostly Sunni), Christianity, Judaism
Related ethnic groups
Egyptians, Semites, Iberians
This map shows where Berbers live.

Berbers (also called Amazigh, "free men", pl. Imazighen) are an ethnic group found natively in the countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in North Africa, and also found as immigrants in many countries, especially France. Berbers usually speak the Berber language. Berbers were both nomadic and land owners according to the region they live in. Most Berbers are Muslims, but many are not.

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Young Berber woman from Tunisia, with tattoo and traditional jewellery (early 1900s)