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Luigi's symbol

Luigi is a video game character. He is the brother of Mario, who is taller and is said to be younger. In most games, Luigi is like Mario, with small changes; for example, Luigi wears a darker blue (roughly navy blue) overalls compared to his brother and the color he associates with is green, which makes up his shirt, hat with "L" and even his green fireball powers mixed with other colours; where Mario throws fireballs of his associated color Red (although the fireballs colors are mixed with Red as well). Although it has never been confirmed with Nintendo, his unofficial last name is Mario, hence the name Super Mario Bros.

Characteristics[change | change source]

  • He's happy, and gets sad easily.
  • Owns a haunted mansion, but is scared of ghosts.

More Comparisons to Mario[change | change source]

Playable appearances[change | change source]

Playable only in two-player:

Playable in one-player or two-player:

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