Ælfweard of Wessex

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Ælfweard of Wessex
King of Wessex
Reign17 July 924 - 2 August 924
PredecessorEdward the Elder
Wessex, England
Died2 August 924
Oxford, England
HouseHouse of Wessex
FatherEdward the Elder

Aelfweard (904 - 2 August 924) was briefly the King of Wessex, following the death of his father, Edward the Elder. The Kingdom of England was divided between Aelfweard and his half-brother, Athelstan, who became King of Mercia.

Aelfweard lived for only 16 days after his father and was probably not even crowned. Athelstan became King of Wessex in September 924, so the English kingdom was re-united again.