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Booza being sold in the Bakdash ice cream shop in the Al-Hamidiyah Market in the Old city of Damascus

Booza (Arabic: بوظة, also called: Arabic ice cream) is an ice cream that is dense and elastic. It is made with "sahlab (Arabic: سَحْلَب) or salep" with mastic, and its texture allows it to hold shapes and causes it to melt more slowly. this type is most common in the Eastern Mediteranean. There are ice cream sellers who show tourists where they grind the "mastic resin" with a mortar and pestle while singing and playing. The preparation of the ice cream is a real art when the sellers prepare ice cream in deep containers and when the texture becomes hard preparation is done with big Mortar made of wood while drumming and playing on the ice cream until the ice cream is ready

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