British Rail Class 77

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British Rail Class 77
27000 at Crewe Works.JPG
Preserved locomotive, no. 27000 in original black livery.
Type and origin
Power type Electric
Builder BR Gorton Works
Build date 1953–1954
Total produced 7
 • Whyte Co+Co
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Wheel diameter 4 ft 2 in (1.270 m)
Length 59 ft 0 in (17.98 m)
Loco weight 102.5 long tons (104.1 t)
Electric system/s 1500 V DC
Current pickup(s) Pantograph, 2 off
Traction motors Metropolitan Vickers
Train heating Steam generator
Loco brake Air and electrical regenerative
Train brakes Vacuum
Performance figures
Top speed 90 mph (145 km/h)
Power output 2,490 hp (1,857 kW)
Tractive effort 45,000 lbf (200 kN)
Brakeforce 85 long tons-force (847 kN)
Railroad(s) British Railways
Number 27000–27006
Retired September 1968
Disposition All sold to Netherlands as NS 1500 Class

The British Rail Class 77, also known as Class EM2, is a class of 1.5 kV DC, Co-Co electric locomotive. They were built by Metropolitan Vickers in 1953–1954 for use over the Woodhead Line between Manchester and Sheffield.