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British Rail Class 93

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Class 93 is the traction classification assigned to the electric locomotives that were to enter service as part of British Rail's InterCity 250 project on the West Coast Main Line. They would have been derived from the Class 91 locomotives that entered service on the East Coast Main Line in 1989. The locomotive would have been used along with a train of up to nine Mark 5 coaches and a DVT, similar to the InterCity 225 sets. The locomotives would have been capable of up to 155 mph. Tenders to construct the locomotives and rolling stock were issued in March 1991, with an expected in service date of 1995; it was envisaged that up to 30 complete trains would be initially required, with a total cost estimated at £380 million. However, the InterCity 250 project was canceled in 1992, so the rolling stock orders were never made. Here Archived 2012-02-05 at the Wayback Machine is a picture of what the cab may have looked like.