British Rail Class EB1

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British Rail Class EB1
Type and origin
Power type Electric
Builder United Kingdom North Eastern Railway
Build date 1914
Total produced 1
 • AAR Bo-Bo
Gauge 1435 mm
Electric system/s 1500V DC
Current pickup(s) Pantograph
Engine type 4x275hp, Siemens
Performance figures
Power output 820 kW (1100 hp)

North Eastern Railway

British Railways
Class LNER & BR: EB1
Number in class 1
Number NER: 11
LNER: 6498
BR: 26510
Retired April 1964

The British Rail Class EB1 (Electric Banking 1) was an electrically powered locomotive used by British Rail in England. It was used during the pre-TOPS period. The other NER electric locos built at the same time were classified as EB1 but were never modified, they later became British Rail Class EF1.